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The Hunt for the Hollower

Aladdin/Simon & Schuster

In this riff on Arthurian legend, a wizardess who is still mastering her powers goes on an epic quest to save her brother from an evil wizard in this middle grade magical adventure perfect for fans of Adam Gidwitz and Amanda Foody!

The great wizard Merlyn prophesized that his seventh descendant would do wonderful, miraculous things—baffling everyone when his great-great-many-times-great grandchild turns out to be twins. Soon enough, however, it becomes clear which sibling is the Septimum Genus: Percy is a natural with magic. Merlynda (to put it simply) is not.

But Merlynda doesn’t mind. Percy has always been by her side to cheer her up (and clean up) after her magical bungles—until the twins attempt a forbidden spell to help her control her magic, and Percy vanishes through a portal and straight into the clutches of the magic-stealing, mythical Hollower.

Aided by her best friend (who longs to be a knight), a wandering musician (who is fleeing from his past), and her brand-new, fierce familiar (who yearns for a taste of funnel cake), Merlynda sets off on a quest to rescue her brother. But to defeat this ancient evil, she must discover and embrace her true powers—or else lose her brother for good.

Cover art by Kristy De Guzman

Available now in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook. Preorder the paperback, out June 11, 2023!

"Colorful, amusing, and action-packed... A rousing romp with deep themes."

– Kirkus Reviews 

"The enthralling story is as heartening as it is thrilling."

– Booklist 

“This is a tale, not only of magic, but of what is possible, of the ability to change and grow, of the realization of one’s own powers. This is storytelling at its utter best.”

– Kathi Appelt, author of Newbery Honor-winner and National Book Award finalist The Underneath 

“Sweet and fun and sizzling with magic.”

– Adam Rex, award-winning and New York Times bestselling author 

The Search for the Shadowsoul

September 17, 2024

Aladdin/Simon & Schuster

A descendant of the great wizard Merlyn must atone for the harm he caused in this second adventure in the A Quest of Great Importance middle grade series that riffs on Arthurian legend in the vein of Adam Gidwitz and Amanda Foody!

The wizard Percy used to be sure of three things: he’s a magical prodigy, he’s destined to do extraordinary things (as prophesied by his ancestor, the wizard Merlyn), and he would do anything for his twin, Merlynda. But that was before Merlynda was revealed to be the subject of the prophecy, and before Percy became the Hollower, stealing magic for the wicked Morgan le Fey.

Six months have passed since Percy and Merlynda defeated the sorceress, but Percy hasn’t been able to reconcile who he is with what he’s done. And he carries a dark secret: despite her banishment, Morgan le Fey can still speak to him.

When the mysterious Round Table discovers newly Hollowed objects, Percy is blamed. He escapes on a quest to clear his name but also to make sure whoever is responsible never Hollows anyone again. Joined by Merlynda and Neci (now a royally dubbed knight), an anxious warlock (who seeks to break a curse), and a nonmagical sugar glider (who longs to be a familiar), Percy must defeat this new foe not only to face his past, but to decide what kind of wizard he’ll be in the future.

Cover art by Kristy De Guzman

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