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Animation DemoCallie C. Miller
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Voice Over Credits (SAG-E)

Action Pack, “Power Nap”         Tella-Portanya’s Mom                     Netflix, 2022

Action Pack, “Super Meowzers”    Ancient Customer Service Rep             Netflix, 2022


Video Games                                       Real Voice LA, Jeremy Hall

VO and Mocap Character Creation                   Voice Trax West, Trine Jensen

The Art of the Bookable Read – Villains           Adventures in Voice Acting, David Sobolov

Intermediate Voice Acting Technique               Adventures in Voice Acting , Tony Oliver

Voice Acting Battle Chest                         Andrea Toyias

Intro Work Session                                Lesly Kahn

Weekend Workshop                                  Richard Horvitz

Voice Acting Workshop                             Crispin Freeman


Commercial Bootcamp                               Real Voice LA, Craig Lee Thomas

Intermediate Animation                            Voicecaster, Dave Boat

Intro to Theater                                  Los Angeles City College, Ramiro Segovia

Intro to Animation and Video Games                Voicecaster, Dave Boat

Voiceover for Actors                              Kalmenson & Kalmenson


Dave Boat (voiceover)

Stephanie Williams (singing)

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